APPEAL FOR PEACE of the International Scientific Conference on European Platform for Peace organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova on May 24, 2022

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Taking note of the messages and reports presented by the participants of the International Scientific Conference on European Platform for Peace, organized on May 24th, 2022 by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova with the involvement of notorious scientists from different parts of the world, the attendees adopted the following Appeal for Peace:

We support the Appeal of the Romanian Academy of March 2, 2022 to European academies to create a continental platform for scientific communication, with the aim of identifying common values, principles and aspirations to all nations, in order to restore and maintain peace.

The results of the research of scientists in all countries must be for the benefit of Peace, Welfare and Prosperity. Only in this way will we be able to overcome all the current challenges of the time together.

The scientific communities will make every effort to promote peace. We reaffirm our belief that Science is in solidarity with Reason, Development, Justice and Peace.

Leveraging previous experience and knowledge, science is deeply rooted in all spheres of activity, making concrete and measurable progress, but it can only be developed under conditions of secure peace and state support. Science based on common values has been and remains open to a transparent and constant dialogue with civil society and the state, pursuing the ultimate goal of developing research and ensuring a European and international impetus.

We are also firmly convinced that science is obliged to look for new sources of renewable energy, to find solutions to mitigate the effects of global warming and to prevent future health and food crises, realizing that the Russia's war against Ukraine not only distracts attention from solving these pressing problems, but also amplifies them.

The International Scientific Conference European Platform for Peace, through its democratic discourse, is a good starting point for an ongoing process for greater involvement of scientists in restoring and maintaining peace.

Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

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