International Scientific Conference “European Platform for Peace”, May 24th, 2022, Academy of Sciences of Moldova

10:00 Opening of the Conference

Prof. Ion TIGINYANU, President, Academy of Sciences of Moldova


Message from the International Science Council

Prof. Peter GLUCKMAN, President, International Science Council (link)


Messages from France, Japan and USA

Prof. Serge HAROCHE, Nobel Laureate in Physics (2012), Collège de France, Paris, France (link)

Prof. Hiroshi AMANO, Nobel Laureate in Physics (2014), Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics Nagoya University, Japan (link)

Prof. Richard J. ROBERTS, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1993), New England Biolabs, Massachusetts, USA (link)


11:00 Plenary Session

  • Prof. Rattan LAL, Laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize (2007) and of the World Food Prize (2020), Center for Carbon Management and Sequestration, The Ohio State University, USA                                                                                                                     

“The role of scientific research in the promotion of sustainable development and peace”


  • Prof. Victor JUC, Director, Institute of Legal, Political and Sociological Research, Ministry of Education and Research, Republic of Moldova:                              

“On the impact of armed conflict in Ukraine on world order and international security”


12:15 Adoption of the Conference Appeal

12:30 Recital: Peace in the eyes of children

Pupils from the Aristotel Liceum, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


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