EURAXESS program

EURAXESS is a unique initiative launched by the European Commission (European Union) to promote research careers and facilitate the mobility of researchers across Europe. On October 3, 2011, the Academy of Sciences of Moldova signed the Declaration of Commitment of the Members of the EURAXESS Network Services. By this Declaration, ASM - was designated as the host and liaison institution of the EURAXESS Network Services in the Republic of Moldova, with the purpose of creating and maintaining the EURAXESS Republic of Moldova portal, as a tool for promoting this initiative.

On February 14, 2014, ASM organized the launching session, "Setting up the EURAXESS Services network in the Republic of Moldova", a European instrument promoting research careers and facilitating the mobility of researchers throughout Europe. As a result of this event, the first 11 Local Contact Points and 3 EURAXESS Service Centers in Moldova (Chisinau, Comrat and Balti) were nominated. Currently 27 Local Contact Points are nominated for the EURAXESS program. In order to promote and inform the scientific community, over 2000 informative leaflets were published and distributed, 200 posters were prepared, placed in research institutions, universities, organizations, dedicated entirely to the EURAXESS Program and its benefits.

The representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova negotiated the conditions for placing information materials in the offices of the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Moldova abroad. In order to interact with the young researchers, the EURAXESS Moldova page was created on the social networks Facebook and Twitter where daily news related to the activities within the EURAXESS program are posted. As a multiplier factor, 12 organizations have posted the EURAXESS logo on the web pages, and 7 of them have created informative sections for the program. Currently, more than 20 organizations, including from the business field, have applied for the EURAXESS logo.

The ASM provided individualized assistance for participating in the program initiatives for researchers and representatives of interested organizations. The publication of the article "Moldova in Motion" in the most important publication of the European Commission serves as a bridge to promote the EURAXESS Moldova network in the European Research Area. 

Also, private sessions were organized for the provision of consulting services, regarding the practical implementation of the provisions of the European Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, by starting the process of carrying out the SWOT analysis and integrating these provisions into their own human resources strategies. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to the interested institutions, which focused on quantifying the indicators to determine the level at which the principles of the Charter and the Code are applied on the four key dimensions in research and development institutions: Open Researcher Recruitment and Grant Portability; Social Security; The attractiveness of the Conditions of Employment and Work; Developing Professional Competences and Researcher Training Opportunities. Thus, the most active and consistent in this regard, was the State University "Dimitrie Cantemir", which started this very complex and scrupulous process of practical application of the Charter and the Code.

The most decisive and responsible activity, through which the whole process began, was the designation and establishment of the Commission for the implementation and monitoring of current and future activities, on this issue. In a relatively short period, a regular work was submitted, so that in November 2014 the State University "Dimitrie Cantemir" managed to submit the request of the European Commission for the award of the "Excellence in Research" logo. The University "Dimitrie Cantemir" has once again demonstrated that it is a higher education institution that favors and encourages integration in the European Research Area, creating a conducive environment for career development for researchers both in the country and abroad. facilitating the activities of gradual research and development of sustainable systems. Adopting and encouraging research and career at all stages will contribute to the creation of an open labor market for researchers. Currently 7 institutions in the R&D sector have obtained the logo "Excellence in Research".

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